‘Since moving to Wellington in 2002 I have focused full time on my Painting and Photography.

In 2006 I graduated from the Learning Connexion with a Diploma in Art and Creativity.

I have had three very successful solo exhibitions and participated in the New Zealand Affordable Art show and the Original Art show for the last three years and continue to exhibit locally.

I find my inspiration in second hand stores, sourcing old magazines, knitting patterns, fabric, wallpaper, clothes and photographs (not to mention my Nana's Basement, an endless supply of beautiful treasures).

I started out playing around with old TV and car advertising and have progressed to exploring illustrations from dressmaking pattern books.

There is something about the illustrative style of these 1940's & 50's images that entices me to recreate them, playing with different background patterns and layouts.

I love to breathe new life into an art form that is old and nearly forgotten. I'm intrigued by the way the ladies are so stylized, yet when named they immediately assume a persona and start telling you a story.

I've started to reproduce my paintings using dye sublimation onto small ceramic tiles. I'm very happy with the results and enjoy the play on something being very feminine yet practical, like pretty tea cups and saucers. The high gloss finish on these tiles re-enforces the idea that the women portrayed must be perfect.’

Anmea Hoskin

Photo of artist Anmea Hoskin